About Us

Hi! I’m Tina. Pleased to meet you! I’m a mom to two rowdy human boys and one goodboi canine. We stay inside a lot and love movies and popcorn. I also have a deep love of letters and typography. Always have. Even growing up, my doodles were strictly letters - seriously, don’t ever choose me for your Pictionary team.
River Goods got its name from its birthplace: the Pembina River Valley (read: hamlet, pop. <600) I crafted my first sign in 2014: I was asked by the bride and groom of a family wedding — based on my pretty penmanship *wink* — to create a piece commemorating their special day. It was around this time that I had also begun playing around with some leftover lumber and hardware from a house renovation. With that, Rivers Goods was off and running.
RG - like many small businesses - has seen its fair share of ebbs and flows. Thankfully, I share this strange road with an ever-growing family of creatives; without them, River Goods wouldn’t exist.
In the end, though, it all comes back to my love of letters. I’d simply be honoured to create a sign for you to look at every day; my biggest hope is that it also helps represent something special in your life.
A million THANKS!